We offer financial advisory services tailored to the needs of clients.

Our services
  • Provision of advice on the financing structure, assessment of financing sources and opportunities
  • Business plans, financial forecasts, financial analysis, business valuation
  • Advisory on arranging loans (investment loans, mortgages, working capital loans, revolving loans, car loans, loans for start-ups)
  • Intangible assets valuation (brands, patents, licences and other) and internet projects
  • Advisory on arranging leasing - attractive financing sources for purchase of fixed assets
  • Advisory on arranging factoring - good source for financing current activities and the guarantee of a safe level of payment capacity, guaranteeing and safeguarding the transactions with clients
  • Preparation of documentation for lenders (loans, leasing, factoring)
  • Provision of advice on the business insurances

Client’s benefits
  • Professional consulting and support by experts in finance
  • Management commitment in achieving the expected financial result and improve the effectiveness of businesses
  • Opportunity to reduce company costs by choosing the best financing sources and opportunities
  • Quick access to information
  • Advisory in finance tailored to client's needs
  • Professional, reliable, consistent with regulations, high quality service
  • Innovative outsourcing solutions
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