We offer complex assistance in the process of obtaining EU and state funds for micro, small, medium, large companies and other institutions interested in obtaining financial sources.

Our services
  • Review and analysis of feasibility of funding opportunities
  • Preparation of documentation required in the process of application for funds
  • Preparation of financial part of grant applications
  • Business plans and feasibilities studies
  • Assistance in liaisons with the authorities responsible for distribution of funds
  • Settlement of grants

Client’s benefits
  • Professional consulting and support by experts in EU and state funds
  • High quality of prepared documents required in the process of application for funds
  • Opportunity for companies to obtain funds for dynamic growth and to rise above existing competitors in any chosen market
  • Opportunity to obtain funds for investment projects with a view to business extension, R&D work or new product development
  • Opportunity to obtain funds for training programmes for employees
  • Quick access to information
  • Advisory in EU Grants tailored to client's needs
  • Professional, reliable, consistent with regulations, high quality service
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